Sfoglini is a Brooklyn based producer of small batch, freshly extruded pastas made from the finest organic flours produced in America. We use traditional bronze dies which give our pasta a textured, porous surface for your sauce to cling to and we dry at low temperatures to preserve nutrition and flavor.


Steve GonzalezSteve Gonzalez earned a Degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Colorado and has been a chef for 14 years. He began his career working at Vetri in Philadelphia, his first introduction to the art of hand made pasta, and at the Locust Tree in Westchester, where under the guidance and direction of Chef Alberto Vanoli, he began to hone his craft. In order to further refine his skills, Steve traveled to Europe and first worked at El Raco de Can Fabes, a Three Star Michelin Restaurant in Sant Celoni, Spain where his experience was evident and he was quickly put in charge of the pasta making operations. Steve gained deeper experience in Italy working at Frosio in Villa d’ Alme, Sapposenta in Cagliari, Sardegna and Trattoria Majda in Friuli.

Since his return to America, Steve opened his own restaurant, Zavino, in Philadelphia, and has worked at some of New York's most revered restaurants including Insieme, Company, Hearth, Roberta’s and Frankies Sputino. At Insieme, acclaimed chef Marco Canora recognized Steve’s expertise and had him develop the pasta tasting menus. At Roberta's in Bushwick, Steve supervised the pizza kitchen and ran the mobile pizza oven operations for large-scale events. Most recently, Steve managed the pasta operations for the Frankies Spuntino franchise in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

With his vast experience abroad, in NY and in opening his own restaurant, Steve decided to branch out with his own company and started Sfoglini with Scott. Steve currently oversees Sfoglini's pasta making operations.



Scott KetchumScott Ketchum has served as a Creative Director/Graphic Designer for 18 years in both San Francisco and New York specializing in brand development, web design and sustainable packaging and design. A decade of living in NYC opened Scott’s eyes to the creative parallels between design and the culinary arts and prompted him to study brewing and management at the Siebel Institute in Chicago as well as travel to Italy, Paris and Belgium to further explore their food and beverage culture. With the movement for locally made products exploding in NYC and the absence of an artisanal pasta maker servicing area restaurants, Scott decided to marry his profession and his passion and start Sfoglini with his friend Steve, Sfoglini’s chef and co-owner. Scott currently oversees the company’s brand development, marketing and operations.

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